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Lead Partner

La Rotta dei Fenici (The Phoenicans Route) - Italy

rota feinici

The Phoenician’s Route is a non-profit association established in 2004 as the guarantor of the European Cultural Route. It represents the Route of Intercultural Dialogue and crosses many countries of the Mediterranean, Europe, North Africa and Middle East, thus reinforcing the historical links created by the ancient civilizations. The Phoenician’s Route represents a cross cultural model that aims to promote the Mediterranean culture and to strengthen the bonds among the Mediterranean countries that share the same history. The Phoenicians’ Route also promotes an identity integrated and responsible cultural tourism in collaboration with public and private organizations at local, national, and international levels.

Associação Do Comércio e Indústria do Funchal – Portugal (island of Madeira)


ACIF-CCIM (Industrial and Commercial Association of Funchal - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madeira) is a private and non-profit multisectoral Association, founded in 1836, that represents employers and companies acting in Madeira Island. ACIF-CCIM is responsible for developing a variety of activities, in particular a wide range of business services, including information and support for businesses; vocational training; company missions; fairs; conferences; events; representation and defend of the interests of its members; reinforcing the role of business associations on both national and international levels. All ACIF-CCIM's activity is focused on providing services to companies, in order to help them be more competitive and overcome their difficulties.

ARGO - Italy


ARGO is a company specialized in the development, implementation, and coordination of transnational, cultural and business development projects. The mission of the company is to promote and generate innovation processes through a logical intervention approach and in particular to: A) work in close cooperation with private and public institutions to foster the implementation of innovation and research findings; B) promote the culture of innovation and cooperation as a strategic asset for development; C) support institutions to develop innovative projects and solutions for their operations; D) improve the competitiveness of local territories; E) activate a wide range of potential stakeholders (private, public, technical and institutional) to work on common innovation projects. The company operates on several sectors (culture, social innovation, territorial marketing, education) and it offers a broad of competences covering both technical and managerial domain.

Sopraintendenza del Mare della Regione Sicilia - Italy


Superintendence of the Sea is an office of the Counsellorship for the Cultural Heritage, the Environment, and the Sicilian Identity of the Region of Sicily. It works inside the Regional Department for the Cultural Heritage, the Environment and the Sicilian Identity. The institution of the Superintendence of the Sea qualifies the Sicilian Region in the policies for the protection of its underwater archaeological resources, the functions entrusted to them by law and regulations. Superintendence of the Sea protects, manages, and enhances the culture of the sea in Sicily with tasks of research, census, protection, surveillance, enhancement and use of the underwater archaeological, historical, naturalistic and demo-ethno-anthropological heritage of the Sicilian seas and its smaller islands.

Foundation CEI·MAR – International Campus of Excellence in Marine Sciences - Spain

cei mar

CEI·MAR is integrated by all the Andalusian coastal universities that define the marine facade of the region such as Almeria, Cadiz, Granada, Huelva and Malaga, all of them with a wide academic offer and research background in the field of marine studies. The scientific and technical aggregation is completed by seven public institutions related to research and technology development such as the Spanish National Research Council. CEI·MAR’s mission is to create an academic, scientific, cultural, research, entrepreneurial and innovative quality environment and as its main task to promote training and research of excellence in the areas of specialization related to the marine-maritime field. In this way, strives to develop solutions to society’s challenges, enhancing its usefulness and linking with social and environmental responsibilities.

Pafos Regional Board of Tourism - PRBT


The Pafos Regional Board of Tourism - PRBT on Cyprus is the official Tourism organisation and local authority aiming to develop further the offered tourism experience offered, as well as to promote the region domestically and internationally. The main vision of PRBT is to become even a more quality destination where visitors can participate and enjoy in a wide range of experiences. Following this vision, the PRBT focuses on promoting rresearch initiatives and projects through the productive cooperation with other regional private and public associations. In this way, it contributes towards sustainable tourism development, respecting the natural environment and cultural heritage.

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